The Eco-School’s adventure was started, by a past educator Mrs Anne Davis, in 2004 where we signed up as an Eco-School. We are part of both a national and international venture.  Each grade is committed to contributing to the Annual Portfolio that is submitted to WESSA for evaluation at the end of October each year.

We received our Diamond Award for 10 years as an Eco-School in 2013.  During our 10th year we went on a journey back to when the programme started and we have published a photographic journal of our 10 years of participation. This journal may be viewed in the school’s Reception area.

In 2014 we embarked on a new 10 year commitment to Eco-schools. We have taken up the challenge of looking at the themes of: Healthy Living, Resource Use, Community and Heritage and Nature and Biodiversity. New endeavours have meant changes to our Tuckshop, as well as planting a new medicinal and vegetable garden. We introduced owl and bat boxes in strategic places around the school and we are committed to recycling. More children are involved on the Eco-School’s committee and we hold a fortnightly Ec0-club meeting for all learners who are interested in looking after our environment.

We aim to create awareness amongst our school community and encourage learners to actively become eco-warriors; passing on the message of keeping our earth healthy, litter free and water wise.

We continue to draw awareness to special themes and projects in our Assemblies as well as various Ecoaudits.  Our Eco-Board is kept up to date and relevant. A favourite outing is the annual National Beach Clean-Up where our learners are given the opportunity to be pro-active in keeping our beaches litter free. All staff help to draw awareness to relevant environmental issues in their class teaching.

We have teamed up with businesses in our town who sponsor our Eco-club which enables us to be more proactive in caring/protecting our environment.